Monday, December 19, 2016

The iStick 200W TC Mod iS Solid

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The iStick 200W TC Mod is solid.  Doesnt feel cheap at all and works flawlessly.  Battery life is really good as well.

Eleaf Aster Currently Has Firmware V1.01

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Firmware V1.01 is just the original one of Eleaf Aster .But now ,Eleaf Company realeased a Firmware V1.02. You can download from Eleaf Offcial site , here is the link to download :

How To Oprate Your KBOX 200W Mod ?

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Everything you need to operate your KBOX 200W Mod is located on the side of the device. A large firing button can be found on top, a super bright OLED screen displaying all of your settings is set in the middle, two adjustment buttons are right below the screen, and a convenient micro USB charging port at the bottom lets you charge the device in an upright position.

Big capacity support on Kanger Dripbox 160W Starter Kit!

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This starter kit by kanger, Dripbox 160W Starter Kit  is a more powerful version of Kangertech’s previous 60 watt Dripbox squonk mod kit. Except for a massive 160w power output, variable temperature settings, the big capacity of 7ml e-liquid is another great advantage over other  ecigarette kit! You can enjoy a long-time vaping without the frequent refilling. With an exquisite design, this stuff is available in white, black or silver.

Official authorized online store is

Choose the Reuleaux RX200S as your premier 200 watt tc mod option!

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I will strongly recommend this 200 watt tc mod to you, Reuleaux RX200S. Compared with the previous popular RX200, this new version is well improved on its screen display with brand-new adoption on the 0.96inch large screen. Also you can enjoy extra TCR temperature control experience. Very lucky, you can enjoy great deal on Wismec official authorized online store with premium quality guarantee. Hurry to get a powerful Reuleaux RX200S!

Le’t Have A Look About The Design Of Kanger CUPTI

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The chassis of Kanger CUPTI 75W is made of aluminum zinc alloy which gives it a lightweight and sturdy profile. Along the side of the mod is a Pyrex glass tank that can store up to 5ml of e-juice. It is slightly tinted to match the color of the mod. The CUPTI body is also marked with a maximum fill guide so you do not overfill the tank. You can view the contents of your CUPTI tank through a large vertical window.
On the other side of the mod is a round fire button located near the top. With the switch set so high, you won’t accidentally press it when you grip the device. Near the middle is the patented battery vent that you see in all KangerTech mods which lets hot air out from the 18650 chamber.

Both sides of the CUPTI are curved smoothly for an ergonomic and comfortable vape all day.
Mounted on top next to the drip tip are two adjustment buttons and an OLED screen. Instead of a narrow strip on the side, the CUPTI display is a big, highly visible square that shows atomizer resistance, voltage, wattage, temperature, battery level, and vape mode. Press the plus and minus buttons simultaneously to flip the screen orientation.
You can buy it form the kanger officail authorized online store, .Only $47.90 you can get one.

Reuleaux RX200 PK Eleaf 200W

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Reuleaux RX200 And Eleaf 200W Box Mod are very popular vaping mod in the vaping market,all can up to 200W out put ,powered by 3 18650 batteries, but with diffirent look and features , Which one you like more ?

Find Best Selection Of TC80W Box Here

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If you want to get a TC 80W Box Mod , Here comes one , the iPower TC80W Box Mod .This mod packs a built in 5000mah battery with a power range of 1 watt to 80 watts. It has temperature control with support for all wires and includes TCR mode for fine tuning the temperature control experience. The firmware is upgradable just like previous offerings.

Find the best selection of TC80W box here at Eleaf Official Authorized Online Store. click here to know more about the newest iPower :

Buy iStick 50W $49.90 Here !

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The Eleaf iStick 50W iS a very popular box mod of Eleaf iStick Family that many people love with .

The upgraded Eleaf iStick 50W is a variable voltage and variable wattage device, providing for a highly customizable vaping experience. The wattage can be adjusted from 5W to a whopping 50W, while the voltage can be adjusted from 2V to 10V. This wide power range allows you to use nearly all resistance atomizers, from 0.2 ohms all the way to 5 ohms.

Only $49.90 you can buy one at Eleaf iStick Official authorized online store, here is the link to buy :

A Nice Starter Kit – Kanger EMOW Kit

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Kanger makes it to the top five kits again with the wonderful EMOW Kit. This kit comes with a substantial 1,300 mAh internal battery and a great tank with a 1.8 ml e-juice capacity. Although it is larger than the eSmart, the EMOW is still rather compact and comes in four beautiful metallic colors to choose from.

The Kanger EMOW Kit is equipped with the high-quality EMOW Tank. Made with Kanger EMOW Kit304-grade stainless steel, it is durable and solid. Its stunning metallic paint job gives it a gorgeous radiant sheen. The e-juice tank portion of the EMOW Clearomizer is made with high-grade Pyrex glass, making it completely impervious to the acidity found in e-liquids. The glass is encased within the body of the tank, which protects it from damage. With a sizable window on either side, you can easily monitor the remaining e-juice level.
The Kanger EMOW Tank is furnished with a state-of-the-art airflow control valve, which permits you to fine-tune the air intake. This helps with customizing your vaping experience, while also helping to eliminate flooding and gurgling. By rotating the airflow ring, you can increase or decrease the air that is drawn into the tank while taking a hit.
The EMOW Tank is designed to take Kanger’s spectacular dual-coil atomizer heads. The double coil configuration essentially equates to twice the amount of vapor and flavor that is produced. Once the coil burns out, you can easily and inexpensively replace it as needed.
The Kanger EMOW Kit also comes with the EMOW Battery. Designed to precisely match the color and diameter of the tank, this wonderful battery is extremely user-friendly, compact, and engineered to work optimally with the available dual-coil atomizer heads. With a 1,300 mAh capacity, you will be able to use the device throughout the day without needing a charge.
The Kanger EMOW Battery is also a variable voltage device. Equipped with an easy-to-use adjustment knob located at the end of the battery, you can increase or decrease the power output based on your preferences, atomizer resistance, and type of e-juice that is use at the time. This is great for customization, as well as permitting you to alternate between atomizer coils of varying resistances.

Doctors recommend that people use electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes

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The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 1 billion people will die prematurely from cigarette use in the next century, and previous opponents of e-cigarettes are becoming more supportive. “It’s always better to quit nicotine use completely,” said Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of UK health charity Action on Smoking and Health. “But it’s the smoke that kills you – not the nicotine – so for smokers who are heavily addicted switching to safer sources of nicotine could literally be a lifesaver.”
Debate rages over regulation, but e-cigarette advocates won a major battle as the European Parliament has abandoned plans to impose medical regulation that would restrict sales to pharmacies. “Regulation puts the businesses under threat, which could mean users are forced to smoke regular cigarettes again.”
Arnott expects regulation to cover advertising to ensure the devices do not become a “gateway to smoking” for children. Research efforts will focus on toxicity of refills to ensure safe levels, which the WHO cites in a warning to potential users.
But with projected users set to outnumber regular smokers in several European nations by 2016, lawmakers will have a difficult job to turn the tide. “It’s a consumer revolution, led by word of mouth rather than advertising,” says Chris Snowdon, a fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, a British think tank. “As exponential growth continues, so many people will be ‘vaping’ it eVic-VT Kit  will make the decision for politicians.”

Suggest not inhaling too heavily when you adjust to the small airflow hole

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You may encounter the situation that there appears oil spilling when you inhale too heavily especially when you use the small airflow hole level on Aspire Nautilus. Because a small airflow hole means less amount of air flow and your inhaling too heavily will cause the smoke oil being inhaled into your mouth when they are not completely vaporized. As a result, there possibly appears that you suck the smoke oil into your mouth.

Joyetech eVic-VT 5% discount

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We may have a long observation of the electronic cigarette, still choose, contrast, we give you a shocking news!
Our official website usher in the annual most important black Friday activities! Activity time a month!
You only need to input the coupon “evicvt20151103″ on the corresponding field when doing your checkout and you’ll get the 5% discount for all products on the website. The offer lasts for a month starting from November 5 and welcome to enjoy the big sale!you can see eVic-VT Mod

Joye eVic VT user manual

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Presenting the eVic-VT 60W, to go with eGo ONE Mega VT atomizer , with its new cutting edge technology of temperature control, embodies the concept of a healthy alternative lifestyle. eVic-VT features a super large OLED screen, supporting VT-Ti (Titanium)/ VT-Ni (Nickel)/ VW mode, and battery capacity of 5000mah.
The Variable Temperature (VT) brings out a different flavor experience with the change of temperature settings, not only improving the taste, but also saving battery and liquid consumption.Joyetech eVic-VT Kit is not your typical vape, it’s an evolutionary start.
How to use:
1. Turn on/off: continuous press the ignition button five times quickly turn on/off.
2. Smoking: holding down the fire button and through the suction nozzle to inhale. Loosen the ignition key to gas exhaled.
3. Screen function: when the equipment open, at the same time hold down the ignition key and turn the control knob to the left. This on screen and off screen hidden functions (stealth on/stealth off) in hidden mode, you can use under the screen off. Press the ignition key to quickly check the hidden function state.
4. Key Lock function: when the equipment open, at the same time hold down the ignition Key and turn the control knob to the right. This will open the Lock button and close button function (Key Lock/Key Unlock). Under the Key Lock mode, rotating regulator function will be temporarily unavailable, to prevent accidental changes to the set temperature control/power (VT/VW).

You can start to use electronic cigarette quitting

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I don’t know what is the understanding of the cigarette?
Most men like to smoke, perhaps because of work, social, mood and so on factors to smoking. Smoking is good, of course, also have a downside.
First of all you nicotine?
Nicotine is a natural ingredient in herbs. It can be addictive, such as heroin and cocaine sealed. Not only are you physically, mentally and become dependent on nicotine. Smokers must overcome the two dependencies, can be very successful smoking cessation.

When you are smoking, nicotine is sucked deep into the lungs, where soon be absorbed into the blood, and then transferred to the heart, brain, liver and spleen. Nicotine affects many organs of the body, including the heart, blood vessels, the endocrine system, the body’s metabolism, and brain. Nicotine in human milk and cervical secretions. Nicotine can through the metabolism of the liver and lungs, among them a small amount of kidneys excrete. After the metabolism of nicotine is broken down into the ancient first rest and oxidation of nicotine.
Nicotine, make the person produces the feeling of comfortable, then make smokers want to suck a little more. It can interfere with the of information between nerve cells, as a sedative. When nervous system adapt to nicotine, smokers would increase the amount of smoking, the nicotine in the blood starts to increase. If you smoke a few weeks or longer, and then all of a sudden stop or reduce smoking, within hours the withdrawal symptoms will attack, and the peak after 48 to 72 hours. Withdrawal symptoms lasts for a few days to weeks.

One pair of fashion shoes that you need

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High heeled shoes are women’s move ,  as long as they are beautiful and unique, the women will be fascinated with them.
For any brand, if its popularity want to be greatly improved, the star effects are indispensiable.
Certainly, the kind of shoes must be worthy of the name, othewise,  it can not draw the attention of the world.
Also, if you want to change your styles, a pair of good shoes is essential.

Burberry wind coat

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Burberry wind coat is not only a brand logo but also a fashion item which is loved by Hollywood super stars,
The movies have ever left a deep impression on audiences’ minds.
Although, it constantly advocates innovation in materials,  it still maintains the classic styles.
It is still the choice that the celebrities and super stars give priority to.

Peep-toe heels

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A pair of peep-toe heels with the texture of leather is suitatable  for you  to  spend the autumn.
Peep toe can extend the cool feeling of summer, also creating a cool and chic style.
Super models love wearing peep-toe heels to match autumu clothing, their dressing styles are winderdul.
Each of movement has elegance and gracefulness, why noy have a try one pairm?  you image will be different.

Fashion Icon: Patricia

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Fashion week is a big stage, if you happen to draw the attention of photographer, then you will receive the attention
of fashion  world,  then you will be regarded as a” fashion icon”.
Patricia is a new fashion idol, her dressing styles are really chic  and unique.
If u would like to be the fashion icon, you can learn some dressing skills from her.

Jeans and High-heeled Shoes

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In the autumn, the necessary item belongs  to the a pair of jeans. The comfortable and durable material of cloth can be given the first choice.
It can be well matched with the high-heeled  shoes, which can create chic, cool and sexy style.
The following dressing styles are worth  learning.


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There are many beautiful sisters in the entertainment, they have similiar appearance but different aura and fashion look.
In your eyes, who is more elegant and beautiful between the sisters when you compare their dress styles and temperament?

KateGarryHudson,《Bazaar》 hot and sexy body figure

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hot and sexy body figure

Melbourne Cup Day

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Melbourne Cup Day

cap appreciation

Asian super models

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Asian super models

Milan Spring/summer fashion week 2014

From T stage to red carpet

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From T stage to red carpet

European and American stars interpret spring and summer wear

The dynamic elegant melody!

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Carolina Herrera 2014 spring/summer women’s clothing show
Designer Carolina Herrera takes dynamic art as the theme

Kate Bosworth and new husband Michael Polish couple collection

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Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish couple collection

Ashlee Simpson

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Ashlee Simpson is full of personality

she is a rocker with red hair

she is handsome punk with black hair

let’s see her hair style development

Nifty balls hair style

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Tie a high ball bun on the top of our head,

then roll hair into the ball bun, then use tool to fix it.

Simple and beautiful.

Tuxedo Pants

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The new rend of haute couture fashion week, Tuxedo Pants becomes the newest fashion piece. Handsome and neat trousers, it is more charming than costly dress. In classical and luxurious dinner occasion, modern women’s dress is still take luxuriant dress skirt, trousers is more and more fashionable.

2013 autumn/winter fashion trend, Motorcycle Jacket

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Motorcycle jacket has always been a super piece for super model and it girls.

2013 autumn/winter fashion trend, Motorcycle Jacket.

See the appearance of Grunge trend and rock style

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Every week,

we have the fresh people to show the fashion match.

This week,

Italy blogger Nicoletta Reggio

bring the classic look of America street.

Jonathan Saunders, 2014 spring and summer men’s wear

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Jonathan Saunders 2014 spring and summer men’s release men’s wear in the form of private  exhibition.
Jonathan Saunders uses bold colors, green, fluorescent yellow, which are very hard to control, as for whether you can use it well or not, every person has its own thinking.
What is undeniable is that designer Jonathan Saunders put classic printing and color into the chasing stimulation level, and show more technical content.
PVC materials, silk, leather, those materials are shown up together.

The new generation of fashion bloggers from Hong Kong, 16 year old girl Zoe Suen

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Fresh and sweet appearance, tall body figure, no bright makeup and too much accessories, Zoe Suen use the special young girl air to impress you. As for dress, Zoe pursues for the simple euramerican style dress, occasionally use interesting pattern’s for the collocation, it looks fresh and natural. Occasionally, steal mom’s clothes to match your parity item, and add some mature feeling.

Fashion Los Angeles boy

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Fashion boy from Los Angeles is really hot recently,
although he is only 5 years old,
he has already owned 1000 fans,
also get into the morning show in CNN.
And he has an exclusive super mom who are good at dressing.

Chanel 2013 autumn and winter Haute Couture show

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At Chanel 2013 autumn and winter Haute Couture show, Vanessa Paradis’ dress get highly praise. 40 year old Vanessa Paradis has her own taste. Vanessa Paradis does not have too much public show too every year, as the good friend of designer Karl unabashed Lagerfeld, and every year she will show on the Channel show.

Subscribe & Follow Colorful printing, intresting animal elements, nifty straps Look, London fashion people’s high score and leisure wearing.

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Colorful printing, intresting animal elements, nifty straps Look, London fashion people’s high score and leisure wearing.
A new series of European and American street snap, modelling experts from London will bring colorful printing and gout animal elements to you, nifty leisure pants, And metal high heal, smoking jacket shoes will perfect the whole feeling. Immediately let us have a look on the Chic all match arts.