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Doctors recommend that people use electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 1 billion people will die prematurely from cigarette use in the next century, and previous opponents of e-cigarettes are becoming more supportive. “It’s always better to quit nicotine use completely,” said Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of UK health charity Action on Smoking and Health. “But it’s the smoke that kills you – not the nicotine – so for smokers who are heavily addicted switching to safer sources of nicotine could literally be a lifesaver.”
Debate rages over regulation, but e-cigarette advocates won a major battle as the European Parliament has abandoned plans to impose medical regulation that would restrict sales to pharmacies. “Regulation puts the businesses under threat, which could mean users are forced to smoke regular cigarettes again.”
Arnott expects regulation to cover advertising to ensure the devices do not become a “gateway to smoking” for children. Research efforts will focus on toxicity of refills to ensure safe levels, which the WHO cites in a warning to potential users.
But with projected users set to outnumber regular smokers in several European nations by 2016, lawmakers will have a difficult job to turn the tide. “It’s a consumer revolution, led by word of mouth rather than advertising,” says Chris Snowdon, a fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, a British think tank. “As exponential growth continues, so many people will be ‘vaping’ it eVic-VT Kit  will make the decision for politicians.”

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