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You can start to use electronic cigarette quitting

I don’t know what is the understanding of the cigarette?
Most men like to smoke, perhaps because of work, social, mood and so on factors to smoking. Smoking is good, of course, also have a downside.
First of all you nicotine?
Nicotine is a natural ingredient in herbs. It can be addictive, such as heroin and cocaine sealed. Not only are you physically, mentally and become dependent on nicotine. Smokers must overcome the two dependencies, can be very successful smoking cessation.

When you are smoking, nicotine is sucked deep into the lungs, where soon be absorbed into the blood, and then transferred to the heart, brain, liver and spleen. Nicotine affects many organs of the body, including the heart, blood vessels, the endocrine system, the body’s metabolism, and brain. Nicotine in human milk and cervical secretions. Nicotine can through the metabolism of the liver and lungs, among them a small amount of kidneys excrete. After the metabolism of nicotine is broken down into the ancient first rest and oxidation of nicotine.
Nicotine, make the person produces the feeling of comfortable, then make smokers want to suck a little more. It can interfere with the of information between nerve cells, as a sedative. When nervous system adapt to nicotine, smokers would increase the amount of smoking, the nicotine in the blood starts to increase. If you smoke a few weeks or longer, and then all of a sudden stop or reduce smoking, within hours the withdrawal symptoms will attack, and the peak after 48 to 72 hours. Withdrawal symptoms lasts for a few days to weeks.

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