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Advantages Of Electronic Cigarette

As the advance of science and technology, man’s health gets more and more solid guarantee. One of the product of modern science and technology is electronic cigarette. What benefits do the e-cigarette brings?

Electronic cigarettes are healthier than regular cigarettes because of no tobacco, no tar or related toxins. When using electronic cigarettes, you can avoid inhaling more than 4000 chemicals, and over 40 carcinogens from burning tobacco smoke. Here I introduce you a brand named Eleaf which is sticking to the philosophy of health! Like the Eleaf iStick Pico 25 kit is a healthy choice

◆No stink
Electronic cigarettes do not emit nausea or choking smell, and they don't touch your clothes, hair, furniture. The smoke of an electronic cigarette contains sweet smell and evaporates rapidly in the air.

◆No ash
Does not need to be burned, the electronic cigarette is environmental protection, do not produce soot or cigarette butts.

◆No passive smoking
The smoke of electronic cigarettes contains water, which is easily lost in the air.

◆No bad breath
Electronic cigarettes don't have bad breath.

◆No tar
Electronic cigarettes don't make your teeth yellow with tar.

◆Environment friendly
Unlike cigarettes, electronic cigarette does not produce butts, so that can be used repeatedly as an environmentally friendly product

You only need to buy smoke liquid & atomizing head, so you can use it repeatedly. If you use it for a long term, you can save about 80% of the cost than the traditional cigarette smoking.

◆High social recognition 
Smoking generally hurts yourself and other people's bodies, and usually needs to be restricted to the restricted areas to use. But electronic cigarettes do not affect the health of the people at your side.

◆Dosage and concentration of nicotine can be controlled
The smoke liquid used in electronic cigarettes has different nicotine concentrations, from no nicotine to high levels. You can control the amount according to your preference.

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