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Discount Aspire® PockeX Kit | Free Shipping and $5 Off

The PockeX Kit is a Vape Kit with a 1500mAh internal battery. In this ultra-portable device, there are two coils with different vaping effects, one is 0.6 ohm 316L stainless steel coil and the other is 1.2 ohm Kanthal coil. If you prefer high-nicotine vaping, the 1.2 ohm coil will give you a purer taste. If you want to try DL Vaping or massive vapor, 0.6ohm coil will bring you more vapor.

As an excellent tobacco substitute, the PockeX Kit is an Easy-to-use vape kit. There is a fire button on this device, so the manipulation is done by this button. There is a Led indicator hidden in the fire button, which tells us the working status of the device. If you like this product too, it will be your best time to buy.

Where to buy discount PockeX Kit? Cloumix can fulfill your wishes. Enter coupon code: CMAPX05K at the time of purchase and you will receive $5 off. By the way, Cloumix will provide you with free shipping and a six-month warranty. what are you waiting for?

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